Feb 2, 2013

ICQ Mobile v2.50 S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle Signed


ICQ for Symbian with great features. Download ICQMobile for Symbian features all your favorite features of ICQ.


  • Send photos and other files through ICQ partners.
  • ICQ Mobile for Symbian supports mail.ru agent, you can chat with friends who support the agent and receive notifications of new emails arriving in your mailbox for mail.ru.
  • Add to your contact list of friends from social networks MySpace and other popular, and use a program to communicate with everyone at once. Continue reading »

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Feb 2, 2013

Hxstudio Clever Driver S60v5/S^3 Anna Belle


Are you a clever driver? Sometimes,your car is blocked in a crowded parking lot, thus make us agony, isn’t is? can you drive you car out of the parking area in a short time? This is an funny and addictive puzzle game which is popular all around the world. It can promote your logical thinking ability, and also can help you dealing with the same crowded parking issue in the real life. Burning your brain,be a clever driver, Thousands of levels, lots of fun! Continue reading »

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Jan 5, 2013

Racing Rustle For NOKIA Mobiles


Racing Rustle is a Free 2D Car Racing Game For NOKIA Mobiles. where you want to race with Cool Looking cars? The players can race in the “Hot Chase” mode to get chased by cops and run away with the car. Feel the thrill of high speed chase in traffic, desert, and moon light races. Racing Rustle is all about speed and arcade-style racing with a heart throbbing sound track. Fans will discover unique tracks and environments. Continue reading »

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Dec 16, 2012

Cut The Bird – NOKIA S60v3 Game


The bird are attacking… your phones screen Swipe to cut the attacking birds or they crack your screen in seconds
Cut the Birds is an action game where you have to slash different kinds of birds before they smash into your screen and crack it. check out how fast your eyes and fingers can go and how far you can advance in stopping the aggressive birds.
Be aware of bombs and dynamite Dont slice the bombs or dynamite otherwise they explode your screen and the game would be over instantly.  Current version of the game has two modes: Classic and No bombs. Choose your favorite mode for maximum enjoyment.  Get extra bonus points by cutting several birds with one slash. Continue reading »